Chamelaucium (Geraldton Wax)

I’ve been to a Women’s Craft Camp this weekend indulging myself in some relaxing hand sewing while making a small sewing box called an etui. There were 72 women booked in at this camp called ‘El Shaddai’. The site is not far from the River Murray at Wellington SA and has been made attractive over the years with wind break plantings and gardens around the site.

I remember years ago when this site was begun how much difficulty there was in planting trees and shrubs. There is sheet limestone everywhere and planting holes were actually blasted.

Chamelaucium 'Meringur Mist'

Chamelaucium 'Meringur Mist'

Chamaelauciums (Geraldton Wax) have a habit of becoming a little yellow in the foliage when the soil alkalinity is too high. This one was looking very good.

The garden soil has certainly been improved and I was surprised to see a few plants there which usually take on a yellowish tone in the highly alkaline conditions actually coping well with the conditions. It proves that the high pH situation can be improved with some attention given to good garden practice. In this case, garden beds have been raised and composted materials added and mulch has been applied over the years.



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