Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Chrysocephalum apiculatum (grey leafed form)

Chrysocephalum apiculatum (grey leafed form)

I have just been potting on some struck cuttings of three different versions of Chrysocephalum apiculatum. All have golden yellow ‘billy button’ flowers, are perennial, some are suckering, and there are a number of leaf forms.

These plants need tidying up when new growth begins at the base of the plants.

My favourites have grey/green leaves and one has distinctly grey leaves. Of course the flowers look great against these leaves. The mallee form is a small clumping plant, with smaller flowers and green leaves. It is a dainty plant compared to the brashness of the others.


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  1. zena williams says:

    dear corinne
    what an wonderful site, do you sell plants and if so do you organise delivery?
    I live near lake burrendong nsw and we have the most devine native area 5 minutes from us called the burrendong aboretum. i love all the native plants and as we have 12 acres, 2.5 which is garden i would love to purchase what you have if possible.
    thanks again corinne
    kindest regards

  2. Jane Henson says:

    How can I order plants or seeds for Billy Buttons?
    Jane Henson

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