Grow a Hedge of Natives

I couldn’t have timed it better! The last Gardening Australia programme on ABC TV was on maintaing Australian native plants in gardens, emphasising the importance of regular pruning.

I saw on one of the Lifestyle TV programmes some time ago the suggestion of using Westringea species as formal hedge plants. The programme showed these trimmed hedges as ‘fences’ separating  garden areas and it looked great. Again the best results were achieved by constant early trimming amd light pruning to maintain the leaf cover well down on the plant before it developed woodiness. The Westringea fruticosa (Native Rosemary- called this because the appearance is like the herb Rosemary) forms do lend themselves to this treatment very well.

The Westringea species that I know best for this purpose are

  • Westringea rosmarinifolia (Native Rosemary, white to mauve flowers)
  • Westringea fruticosa
  • Westringes fruticosa ‘Highlight’ (variegated leaves and mauve flowers)
  • Westringea fruticosa ‘Morning Light’ (variegated leaves and white flowers)
  • Westringea fruticosa ‘Smokie’ (grey variegated leaves, white flowers, smaller growth)
  • Westringea ‘Jervis Gem’ (small dense bush, mauve flowers, use as you would English Box)
  • Westringea ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ (mauve flowers)

All of these will grow well in alkaline soil, all can be planted in coastal areas and all are hardy plants once established.


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  1. Barbara Cameron says:

    We wish to plant natives outside two bedroom windows and have been advised to look at Westringeas. Obviously, we do not want to attract birds – bedroom windows – but need a good coverage to hide from the street. Are we on the right track? We live in Townsville, QLD, the area has no sun in summer and full sun in winter. Ground clay, will mix with gypsum, top with good garden soil then teatree mulch. Thank you. Cheers.

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