Planning to plant

We arrived back from Sydney this evening after two weeks’ holiday with son Simon (ITWhiz) and wife. What they say about the “tyranny of distance” is true. Distance is a tyrant when it separates family. Of course we have come home to zillions of jobs waiting to be done. They don’t go away, unfortunately. On the other hand some jobs are quite exciting. I need to take some of my own advice, given in my last post and get on with preparations for planting out some of the tube stock I have had waiting since January. It was too hot then to try to keep young plants going. Several days over 40C including some as high as 45C! I have a patch where I want to establish a small arboretum of local mallee species, and broaden the planting to species from other mallee areas. There are several species of Olearia that I want to get going, as well as Podolepis, Brachyscome and Cassinia, all of which are members of the daisy family. These all grow in the scrub (bush) within a few kilometres of our property. There are also some everlasting daisies (Helichrysm and Xerochrysm) which are native to this district. It would be nice to have them self sow themselves after this next season. The local form of Brachyscome ciliaris pops up every year in a new place on our block. This is a dainty pale mauve daisy about 1-1.5cm in diameter on a small plant which grows to about 30cm tall here. I should be collecting the seed and scattering it further afield on the block as it seems to come up right where we need to mow the grass each spring. It is a hardy little plant. Would be great in a cottage garden. There are a number of suppliers of seed of Australian native plants. See the list on the ANPSA website called Australian Seed Supplies.


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