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Endangered Boronias Found

The rare Boronias which were feared to be lost after Cyclone Monica have been found. (See my post ). The species are Boronia viridiflora and Boronia quadrilata. Scientists from Charles Darwin University have sought permission from the traditional owners of the land to take specimens back to the university for research into propagation of the species.

The full article released by Charles Darwin University can be read here.

Endangered Boronia

This is off the topic of tufted plants but I thought it interesting. This item is from the ABC News Online in Australia on May 30th 2006.

Cyclone sparks rare plant rescue

Scientists in the Northern Territory are about to embark on a rescue mission to save two rare plant species they fear were almost wiped out by cyclone Monica.

Sean Bellairs from Charles Darwin University says remote data suggests the area where the boronia plants grow suffered significant damage when the cyclone hit last month.

He says two researchers plan to head to the area this week and collect samples of the plants, which they will then try to grow.

“These species are known only to occur in a single population and also only to have a few hundred plants within that population, so they’re quite restricted in area and they’re also quite restricted in terms of numbers of plants as well,” he said.

The plants grow on the cliffs and sands of Arnhem Land, east of Darwin.

Mr Bellairs says the researchers will go to the area this week to find out if the few hundred boronia plants are still alive.

“We may be able to propagate them using cuttings, we may be able to grow them from seed, but some boronia plants are quite difficult to grow from seed and in some cases the seeds need quite specific treatment,” he said.

Some, like Boronia inornata, are also difficult to grow from cuttings!