Anigozanthos in Other Countries

I had a comment on the Blog entry on Anigozanthos flavidus. Suzanne is in Canada and had bought a Kangaroo Paw with no information on the label other than Anigozanthos Kangaroo Paw. She wanted cultivation information. I replied to her by email but could only give general information. See the above link. It is so difficult to give useful information when one does not know the country’s climate or the garden conditions. I have had to make a number of assumptions.

Is there anything else I could have said? Is there other information I should have given? Could I assume a particular cultivar is available overseas?

Anyway, not having the facilities to put photos on the blog yet, I sent Suzanne a link to the Australian National Botanic Gardens where she will see photos of the flowers and form of the plant.

I should have done this with my previous posts and will do a separate entry to catch up the backlog.

Meanwhile, maybe the inducement of a nice chocolate cake by post will encourage IT Whizz Son to set the blog up with photo capability sooner rather than later!


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