Australian Native Plants for Coastal Plantings

Here are two short lists of Australian Native plants suitable for coastal planting.

It would be best if you consulted a local native plant nursery catalogue to check on heights and drainage/soil requirements. For example, in our 320 mm rainfall some of these would be quite reasonable for a suburban backyard. However the same tree in an area of 600 mm rainfall could grow to be far too big for the same size yard. The ultimate height and spread of the tree needs to be carefully considered. It is an expensive exercise to cut down a mature tree and a great shame to do so considering the time taken to reach that height.

Front line Coastal (there would be others)
Acacia floribunda, longifolia, suaveolens,
Banksia ericfolia, integrifolia, marginata, serrata
Fugosia patersonii,
Hakea suaveolens
Melaleuca armillaris, halmatuorum,

Second line coastal (there would be others)
Acacia notabilis, pycnantha, saligna,
Agonis flexuosa,
Banksia baxteri, grandis, prionotes
Bursaria spinosa
Callistemon citrinus and forms, viminalis
Callitris rhomboidea
Various casuarinas and allocasuarinas
Ceratopetalum gummiferum
Many Eucalypts
Lillypilly forms
Grevillea robusta


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