Australian Native Plants for Seaside Gardens

This is the beginning of my list of plants suitable for seaside plantings. It is a good idea to use hedges or fences as wind breaks against the prevailing sea winds so that more tender plants can be planted on the lee side where they are less likely to be burnt by salt laden winds. Not having experience with this type of locality I am writing from observation, discussions with folk who do garden in this type of area and what I read.

I am choosing plants that are known to be also lime tolerant. My list also reflects drought tolerance. I will also have to do a list for those who do not need to worry about these other aspects.

Australian Native Plants for Seaside Gardens.


Acacia sophorae

Alyogyne hakiefolia

Banksia grandis

Banksia media

Banksia speciosa

Banksia spinulosa

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Correa alba

Correa backhousiana

Correa reflexa

Melaleuca armillaris

Melaleuca huegelii

Melaleuca hypericifolia

Melaleuca lanceolata

Myoporum acuminatum

Myoporum insulare

Myoporum viscosum

Olearia axillaris

Olearia glutinosa

Phymatocarpus porphyrocephalus

Rhagodia candolleana

Ricinocarpus pinifolius

Templetonia retusa

Westringea fruticosa


3 Responses to “Australian Native Plants for Seaside Gardens”

  1. Tony F says:

    A great list Corinne and very useful for when I next visit my local nursery. A few of these species are already thriving at my North Coast garden on Kangaroo Island, but I need to explore some of the others you mention, especially the melaleucas, myoporums and olearias. Drought tolerance, strong coastal winds and alkaline soils typify my garden. Thanks again for this list and please keep adding.

  2. Frank van der Linden says:

    We are looking for low (less than 500-600mm) plants and grasses suitable for a holiday house front garden which is 150-170 metres from the beach at Carrickalinga in SOuth Australia’s Flieurieu peninsula.

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