Banksia blechnifolia

Banksia blechnifolia

Banksia blechnifolia

This is an interesting ground creeping plant. The stems lay horizontally across the ground and some send up ‘suckers’ in much the same way as couch grass and the flower buds appear in the same manner as can be seen in this photo. I also like the colour of this species.

This photo was taken at the entrance to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. The soil is quite sandy and reflects the main need for all Banksias and that is very good drainage. This can be achieved by planting in a raised bed. I have read that the top of the planting hole only needs to be 4-6 inches (10-20cm) above the surrounding ground level to achieve the drainage required. The plant grows 2-4m wide and about 50cm high.

This is an adaptable drought hardy plant originating in Western Australia, north of Esperence. It will tolerate dappled shade through to full sun. It withstands light to moderate frosts.


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  1. Your photography of horticulture at Wittunga is impressive! I’ve also shot a great amount of macro and landscape photography there, but I always forget to photograph the latin names of the plants. Do you know what type of plant this is?:
    Your help is appreciated.

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