Banksia Cultivation

I have come to the conclusion that once the temperature reaches 0C that it doesn’t matter how much lower it gets. Cold is cold! We should be thankful, I suppose, that at least the temperature increases during the day to being quite pleasant, and of course with the intense cold we get these beautiful blue sky days.

The information on Banksias is truly incomplete. Many books will state categorically that particular species will grow only in acid soils. Until they are grown in soils of different pH and tested, we do only have this information to rely on.

Banksia sp.

Banksia sp.

I have updated this post with a photo of a Banksia I would like to grow at home. This one is at the Arboretum where pH is closer to neutral.

One of my aims is to try a variety of Banksias, using additional sulphur if necessary. I originally wanted to grow only those plants which grew well in highly alkaline soils. The problem is that I want to see good growth on all the plants and want to intervene if necessary. I will still have the restriction of rainfall to contend with any way. Record keeping is the key to making this a useful exercise.

I certainly want to have Banksia coccinea and Banksia menziesii in the garden.


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  1. lacaze says:

    Very interesting,and unusual web site!
    Just one question: How did you rich to that conclusion “when temperature fall at o°c,it does not matter how much lower it gets…”
    I would be happy to read your comments!
    Thank you

  2. lacaze says:

    Sorry for my english,i just notice,that i wrote “rich”like i would like to be,instead of “reach”

  3. Corinne says:

    Hi Phil, I must be more careful about the expressions I use! When I feel chilled to the bone at 8am when the temperature is still 0 degrees C (0C), I am still going to feel as chilled if the temperature had been as low as -4C as it was last week, several days in a row. During the summer the temperature can reach as high as 46C-I often say the same thing then about the heat when it gets to 37C.
    I am doing some research about your comment about the lack of flowering in your Banksias after 6 years.

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  5. willem feiken says:

    i just bought some seeds of banksia cocinea for a friend here in the netherlands. could anyone tell me how to grow banks.cocc. from seeds? thank you for your help
    willem feiken

    • Corinne says:

      Use a seed raising mix. Fill a container like a 5″ pot or something with drainage holes. Lay seed on the surface and cover lightly with about 1/2cm (1/4″ ) seed raising mix. Water gently with a spray or stand pot in a dish of water until the surface is wet them remove. Keep the surface damp not soggy. The warm weather is best for propagating. When the seedlings have a set of true leaves, re-pot into their own pot. You could sow the seed each into its own pot from the start, so long as you do not use anything larger than 5″, otherwise the mix remains too wet.

      An article in a recent Australian Plants magazine said that the cold is a problem in the Netherlands for some Aus native plants. You coud try placing the pots inside a plastic bag to create warmth but be aware that banksias are prone to being killed by molds and damping off, and air circulation is important.

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