Brachyscome tenuiscapa var pubescens

Brachyscome tenusicapa var. pubescens

Brachyscome tenusicapa var. pubescens

This little plant is a daisy 10-20cm high and 20-40cm wide and would make a great cottage garden plant in a shaded position during summer. It would also be good in a rockery or pot which is where I have it. I haven’t been confident about trying it in the ground. Now that I know how easily it is propagated I can try it in the ground. It is a little perennial in that it dies down during the heat of summer to reappear in autumn. It spreads rapidly by suckering and is the plant featured in the previous post. It needs root protection which can be achieved with gravel or stones or an organic mulch.

The flowers are mauve, 2-3cm across, and held above the leaves. It flowers in spring and autumn. It does best in cooler climates but is worth trying where a good mulch can be applied. It is frost tolerant to -5C. Snails and slugs love it, so precautions need to be taken. If the plant becomes tatty, cut the leaves off above the crown and fertilise and water.


2 Responses to “Brachyscome tenuiscapa var pubescens”

  1. Rose says:

    Oooo Mum. Can I have a couple of these? It might do well in that patch near the shed. And I am very excited that it is frost tolerant!

  2. Corinne says:

    It will probably die back in January and February but because there is a little shade and with mulch you have a better chance there as the soil is not so alkaline. Will keep you some.

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