Clare Valley South Australia

We went to Clare in the midnorth of South Australia to ‘dogsit’ for our daughter last weekend. She had a friend from the UK staying with her and they had the unexpected opportunty for a trip to the Flinders Ranges. In particular they were staying at Rawnsley Park in a cabin. From there they were able to visit Wilpena Pound, Appealinna Ruins, Bunyeroo Valley and drive along the Razor Back.

This is a lovely area to visit at any time of the year. At the moment, as a result of early rains the place is very attractive. Becky got to see the glorious colours of the sunset against the ranges, the morning light on Rawnsley Bluff and a lot of wildlife. Fourteen kangaroos on the side of the road between Craddock and Hawker. They are such unpredictable animals in car headlights.

Meanwhile we visited Medika Gallery at Blyth, only a few Kilometres down the road from Clare. This is the studio and gallery of artist Ian Roberts. He paints Australian native birds in natural settings, usually on the plants that they feed from. Beautiful work. His gallery also exhibits work from other Australian artists. It is certainly worth the visit. This is his website.


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