Correa reflexa (Pink form)

Correa reflexa form (pink and green flowers)

Correa reflexa form (pink and green flowers)

Someone gave me a garbage bag of Correa cutting material years ago and this was one of the plants I propagated from the pieces in the bag. The Correa in the last Post was also one of the plants that I propagated.

This plant is summer flowering which is a nice change as there are not too many Australian Native plants which flower at this time of the year. Most are finishing around Christmas time. It is under a metre tall and wide and is exposed to full sun light most of the day. It is in a location under mallee trees and where there is some limestone rubble in the soil.


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  1. cherree says:

    Please crush the leaves of the above correa- I think it is a glabra not a reflexa- glabra has a rich fruity smell in the leaves. There is one called Summer Bells which matches the above photo-it is a glabra var turnbulli form.

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