Dampiera rosmarinifolia

Dampiera rosmarinifolia

Dampiera rosmarinifolia

My son has been scanning our slides, and has burned them to a DVD for me for Christmas. I am going to feature some of the photos on the blog. Many of these were taken as my interest in Australian native plants increased and our holidays took us camping in National Parks.

Dampiera are suckering plants which form clumps, increasing from an underground root stock from which new growth arises. When this happens is a good time to prune out old growth and tidy the clump. This photo was taken in Little Desert National Park in Western Victoria and I suspect it is a subspecies of Dampiera rosmarinifolia. I will check that when I get access to my reference books again.

This is a hardy plant and has grown very well in our 350 mm of rain which we usually get in the winter. It flowers in the spring with these dark purple flowers. We have a pink and a mauve version of this also. It needs well drained soil which can be achieved by mounding the soil. Even as little as 10 cm will improve drainage.


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  1. Frutos Torres says:

    I would be interested to know if you are able to provide us with some seeds or cuttings of Dampiera rosmarinifolia or if you might know of someone who could.

    Many thanks and regards,

    Frutos Torres, Ibiza, Spain.

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