Drought Tolerant Australian Native Plants For Alkaline Soil

Alkaline soils can be difficult to manage. Most gardening programmes emphasise the use of lime forgetting that many places beyond the east coast of Australia have alkaline soils. This is particularly so in South Australia.

A hint that I was given was to plant in raised beds. As little as 10cm above the surrounding soil will reduce the alkalinity effect. This of course also provides better drainage in heavier soils.

Moderately lime tolerant plants

Prostrate to 1m tall

Acacia lasiocarpa

Acacia pulchella

Acacia rhetinocarpa

Anigozanthos flavidus

Anigozanthos humilis

Baeckia crassifolia

Billardiera heterophylla (also a climber)

Billardiera  cymosa (also a climber)

Billardiera versicolor (also a climber)

Boronia caerolescens

Bossiae cinerea

Senna odorata

Chorizema cordatum

Correa decumbens

Correa ‘mannii’

Correa ‘Dusky Bells’

Correa reflexa prostrate forms

Dampiera rosmarinifolia

Dianella laevis

Dianella tasmannica

Dianella revoluta

Dodonaea microzyga

Eremaea violacea

Eremophila densifolia

Eremophila glabra prostrate forms

Eremophila ‘Kalbarri Carpet’

Eremophila metallica

Eremophila veneta

Eremophila weldii


2 Responses to “Drought Tolerant Australian Native Plants For Alkaline Soil”

  1. Jack Curlewis says:

    I live in Denham Western Australia. I was enquiring as to what would be suitable tree speciesto plant. Our PH. Levels are between 7.5 – 9.0 with some clay also present. Any suggestions ? CHeers Jack.

    • Corinne says:

      Your ph is marginally better than ours (about 10 !!!), and many of the lovely WA trees do well here in similar conditions. Depending on height may I recommend Eucalyptus torquata (Coral Gum), E woodardii, E ficifolia (WA flowing Gum). This one comes in a number of colours, the most spectacular being crimson through to tangerine, plus others, Can’t guarantee colour from seed. There are lots of othet small trees suitable for house yards in your state.

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