Eremophila subteretifolia

Eremophila subteretifolia

Eremophila subteretifolia

When I first began growing Eremophilas (Emu Bushes) I tried those that were considered to be hardy and available through plant sales put on by the Australian Plants Society. 20 years ago there were not many species in the nursery trade.

Eremophila subteretifolia is ground cover plant covering about 3 metres and with the occasional branch rising to about 25 cm. It is mostly quite prostrate and has a cascading effect on embankments. It is not a vigorous plant so is easily contained to an area. This is another of those ground covering plants which could be used as a substitute lawn where it would not be walked over.

This species is very drought tolerant and frost hardy.

The plant has orange tubular flowers which are enjoyed by Honeyeaters, particularly Red Wattle Birds and New Holland Honeyeaters.


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  1. I’m growing this Eremophila in my garden as well at the moment and it is very drought hardy. The foliage actually seems to shine on a hot sunny day. It forms a dense thick ground cover that is great for suppressing weeds and I think it would look good growing down an embankment.

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