Eremophila youngii

Eremophila youngii

Eremophila youngii

Eremophila youngii is one of my favourite flowering shrubs. My two plants are more than 15 years old, and very rarely are there no flowers. The Honey Eaters are having a feast at the moment and they tend to wreck the flowers in their search for nectar.

This shrub grows from 1-3m tall x .6-2m wide. It is a desert plant which has proved to be very hardy so long as it has good drainage and plenty of sunshine. It is hardy to frost and takes pruning well. It does very well in the highly alkaline soils and dry conditions here.

Here it is the last week of the middle of winter and yet many of the plants in the garden are showing flower buds and some are beginning to flower. From now on we need to be out and about with the camera to begin meeting my photographic aims this year.


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