Eremophilas To Rescue

Eremophila purpurascens is one of the plants we need to rescue from the bulldozer. It is on the edge of the planting but will probably be damaged. We won’t be able to move it so as much cutting material as possible has been taken. After such a dry winter this is sparse so we put the hose on it trickling for half an hour to increase the material in this next week or so.

Eremophila purpurascens

Eremophila purpurascens

This is a pretty plant one and a half metres high and wide, flowering from August to October. Here it has some flowers at other times of the year too. It is a Western Australian species from an area of granite but it copes well with the high pH of the soil here. It is actually growing in fairly deep mallee sand which provides good drainage. It is also frost and drought hardy.


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