Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)

Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)

Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)

I kept seeing the masses of flowers on this Eucalypt and could not think of its name. The flower display had me fooled as I have not seen such a prolific flowering like it is this season. Eucalyptus platypus is a popular tree around here, being used in wind breaks and as screening plants. It wasn’t until I went to photo the tree that I realised what it was.

It is named Eucalyptus platypus because the flower stem and buds resemble the foot and claws of this Australian Native animal.


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  1. Keith Richter says:

    Eucalyptus Platypus is found over near Esperance in WA. Small number have been planted on road sides and for wind breaks south of Adelaide near Aldinga and Sellicks Beach. Are there any known areas with large plantations of Eucalyptus Platypus on the Fleurieu Peninsula where a beekeeper could work a number of colonies of bees on it during its flowering season. The trees that I have observed flowering on the sides of roads are loaded with flowers and thick with bees. The bees just love it and it looks to me to be an excellent honey producer.

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