Frost and Seaweed Products

Theoretically, the frost finishes tomorrow until the next bout! Another beauty today had me trying twice to get out of our driveway without the windscreen icing over.

Yet everything  that I am growing is looking ok, amazingly. I must say that I have a ‘nasty suspicious nature’ when I read such things as  ‘frost tolerant, drought tolerant, lime tolerant’ etc. Until I have the evidence for myself, I am always wary of other people’s assessment of these qualities. Unless I know the geography of the area where a species naturally grows! Or I know the climate of a particular nursery eg. one from an area of high frequency of frosts that come with very low temperatures.

I have read various claims about seaweed type products improving the frost tolerance of young plants. Having read it, I thought I would deliberately try the products, not only for their usefulness in settling in new transplants but for this quality as well. I cannot say that I have set up a very scientific system of measuring this. I am more interested from the point of view of a home gardener as well as a nursery grower so it will be purely anecdotal.


2 Responses to “Frost and Seaweed Products”

  1. Tina says:

    How is this little experiment going? As I have just moved to Canberra and have been bombarded with stories of this or that plant dropping dead in the frost, I am very interested in keeping tabs on the success stories.

  2. Corinne says:

    Hi Tina,
    I may just be fortunate in the choice of plants that I grow and propagate but other than losing some small native hibiscus, and young Agonis flexuosa, everything is ok. There was a comment in ‘Burke’s Backyard’ Mag that Seasol is particularly good. Frost here is persistant and this year it is also very dry, which affects the severity of frost damage.

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