Halgania cyanea (Mallee Blue-flower) (Hardy Plant 1)

Halgania cyanea (Mallee Blue-flower)

Halgania cyanea (Mallee Blue-flower)

This deep blue flowering plant gives a stunning display during the summer. The flower is actually blue. This is a suckering plant often seen on the road sides around here where it has escaped the grader blades. It creeps underground and sends up clumping suckers a little way from the parent plant. Harsh cutting to rejuvenate the plant will result in suckering.

This plant is widespread in Australia, in fact everywhere except Tasmania. It does not like extended periods of humidity and needs to be grown in the open in cool climate regions. It is suited to semi-arid and temperate regions. They need reasonable drainage and do appreciate some extra water in our area of 340mm (13.25inches) rain. This plant is hardy to moderately heavy frosts and extended dry periods.

I find this extremely difficult to photograph because of the intense blue of the flowers.


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  2. Max Philipp says:

    My Nephew is a PhD in Biology at the University of Bonn, Germany. For his research he is looking for a Halgania cyanea – Blue Mallee Flower seeds. Is there any chance to obtain the seeds for me to forward to my nephew in Germany?

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Max,
      Sorry about the delay in replying. I have been travelling with little or no internet connections. This website was maintained by my wife until her passing three years ago. Her nursery is now closed with no stock. The best I can do is to refer you to any of the nurseries listed in the various state chapters of the Australian Native Plants Society http://anpsa.org.au/

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