Kurrajong–Brachychiton populneus

This is the tree that I wrote about in the previous entry on the blog.

According to the Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Elliot and Jones), the Kurrajong is a widespread tree often found in rocky areas but also extending along river banks and plains in a variety of soils. The tree makes an excellent shelter belt and shade tree for home gardens, parks and street planting.

The foliage is liked by stock. Young leaves are tinged with pink. The trunk has grey bark, although it is green when young. Flowers are 1-2 cm long, bell-shaped pink or cream with red flecks and blotches inside the bloom.

The roots of the tree were eaten by Aborigines. The fibres of the trunk were used for making fish nets and twine. Seedlings make excellent indoor pot plants.

Kurrajong are easy to grow although they may be slow whilst young, hence their success as potted plants. They respond well to slow release fertilisers and are drought tolerant. They do appreciate water during dry periods. They are frost hardy. The trees drop their leaves just before flowering. They can be transplanted readily.

This species is grown in the southern states of the USA.


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