Lomandra species (Mat Rush)

I was checking on Lomandra species (Mat Rush) and discovered that apparently they are readily grown from seed. I was under the impression that they were difficult. Must have muddled them with something else. I need not have tried to divide some clumps the other day. I made quite a mess of it, breaking some good shoots from the base. I’m not sure that they will make roots.

Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants. Growing from seed gives no control over which type of flower will be carried by the plants.

I checked on my ‘bible’ for germinating native plants Murray Ralph’s ‘Growing Australian Native Plants From Seed’. Some do germinate readily from seed. Others need some sort of pre-treatment. In general germination takes 8-10 weeks and seed should be sown soon after collection. (I had not muddled them. It seems that the species that are indigenous to South Australia are not as easy to germinate as some.)


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