More Correas

My beautiful Correa pulchella ‘minor’ with white flowers is covered in blooms at the moment. (“Minor” because the leaves are finer than the usual form). The plant in the ground will not flower for another month or so. Sometimes it is a bonus to have these early flowers on potted plants, especially if I need a photo of the plant in flower.

Correa ‘Mannii’ which has very deep pink flowers and flowers prolifically usually, is looking very unhappy. It is about 17 years old, so I suppose it has to come to an end sometime. It is one plant that I will definitely replace somewhere in the garden. It is outside our bedroom window and has provided considerable entertainment with the number of Honey Eaters visiting the flowers over its long flowering period.

A friend’s Correa ‘Pink Pixie’, or ‘Candy Pink’ as it should be referred to, has decided to die. This is a gorgeous plant with pretty pink bells that are split so that the petals flare like a little skirt (hence the ‘Pink Pixie’). There is no obvious reason for the loss of the plant. Some Acacias (Wattles) will not live long in garden situations because they grow too fast with the additional water that is availabe, or the richer soil. Maybe this is the problem with this plant. I am glad I took cuttings from it a few months ago!


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