Native Grasses

Talk about famous last words! I was looking at a proposed site to set up a plant sales area and discovered in my wanderings a nice new patch of Horehound. The last lot of decent rain was enough to germinate seed while the soil is still warm. I noticed the onion weed has shot again also, so there is a lot of work ahead in the next week or so after Plant Sale in Adelaide.

One great thing I did notice were the native grasses which have returned to our block. They have sprouted new growth. The Austrostipa species are looking like lawn at the moment. There are a couple that I would like to get going as lawn substitutes in areas where a ‘lawn’ would be growing.

The small patch of Enneapogon nigricans is looking quite lush. The larger area of Austrodanthonia caespitosa is looking great too. As this patch has grown, there has been an excellent suppression of weeds. In fact wherever the native grasses have colonised the weedy plants have diminished.

I have had some species identified by members of the Native Grasses Resource Group, based in Mt Barker, about 30minutes from Adelaide. This group is worth joining if you have any level of interest in Native grasses.

Assistance and information are given to enable whatever your level of interest to be satisfied.


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