New Grasses Book for South Australia

Grasses Identification Workshop

Grasses Identification Workshop

A new book on grasses called ‘Grasses of South Australia’ by Jessop, Dashorst and James is now available. Or, technically, will be available again soon. It sold out fairly quickly and is expected to be available again by the end of November. It is an illustrated guide to the native and naturalised species of grasses.

I still haven’t had a good look at it, or tried using the key for identification. That is something I want to try this week before all the Austrostipa (Spear Grass) seed drops. I hope I can get closer to an identification before I have to measure hairs on seed that might only be .3mm long!

The book contains the information from the 1986 Flora of South Australia by Jessop and Toelken, with corrections and updated information, including 61 extra species. Certainly a great resource for those interested in growing native grasses.


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