Paper daisies in floral arrangements

Paper daisies in floral arrangements

Paper daisies in floral arrangements

This floral arrangement using paper daisies (Xerochrysm bracteatum) was made by a member of the Australian Plant Society in South Australia. It was displayed at the recent Spring Flower Show and Plant Sale. I thought it was great because it used the interesting leaves of various species of Banksia. Paper daisies can be dried and used for a long time. The Banksia flowers and leaves can also be dried and used.


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  1. Jeniffer Scowen says:

    I saw your paper daisy floral arrangements.
    Could you tell me please how to wire them, do the stalks dry and fall off. I would like to use some in an arrangement too.

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Cut the flowers when in bud. Various stages of bud tightness give different effects when dried, so experiment with this. Cut the stem to 1-2 cm length and thread florist wire through the stem into the base of the flower bud and stand the wires in a jar to let the stem dry. When it is dry use florist tape to wind around the stem if you need to disguise the wire. Otherwise the flowers are then ready for use. Cut the wires to the length required to make your arangement. There is a foam block suitable for dry arrangements available. The wires and dry foliage poke into this. It is different to what is used for watering fresh flowers. If you are using fresh foliage, you will need to use the one used for fresh flowers.

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