Photographing Daisies

It is so difficult to take photos of plants that are in the mauve / blue / purple colour range. I have tried photography in the shade, at night with a flash, relying on the editing facility with digital photography and still been disappointed with the results.

There are a number of members of the daisy family, in particular Olearia and Brachyscome which have these colours. A mass of mauve Brachyscome multifida will look a dirty white or ‘washed out’ pink. One day I will come across some clues to help with this. Meanwhile when I try to tell anyone about the beautiful colour of the purple form of Olearia floribunda, I feel great frustration that I cannot show them what I mean. Similarly with Olearia ciliata which varies in colour from mauve to purple.

All these have the typical daisy shaped flower which vary in size from 1cm to 5cm across. Some look good as cut flowers in small posies. All look great as potted plants and garden plants.

I enjoy propagating these plants from seed and cuttings. Cuttings strike fairly easily in warmer weather.


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