Plant Photos Due Soon

At long last IT Whiz Son is in the process of helping me to put photos on the blog 😀 . He also showed me how to do these Smileys!
I offered the inducement, with tongue in cheek, of a chocolate cake by snail mail as a huge hint that I would like this. I was feeling envious of some of the lovely photos I was seeing on other blogs.

I hope to put occasional relevant photos on the posts particularly of plants flowering in the relevant season. For example many Hakeas and Eremophilas are coming into flower in the district. I am also trying to put together a collection of photos of local species in flower. Most of what I have is on 35mm film. I need to learn the art of dealing with scanned photos too until I am able to get some digital photos.

The trick is to have the photos of a size that does not take forever to download. Son feels he has achieved this.


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