Porcupine Grass (Triodia scariosa- formerly irritans)

Triodia scariosa (Porcupine Grass)

Triodia scariosa (Porcupine Grass)

A plant that I admire but treat with great caution is Spinifex, Triodia scariosa (used to be called Triodia irritans). Just getting the photos was a hazard. Backing into one of these is a painful experience. It is the dome shape that I like and when in flower it is attractive. Even these with the seed heads were good to look at.

Triodia scariosa (Porcupine Grass)

Triodia scariosa (Porcupine Grass)

They are amazing plants. Bush creatures find them a welcome refuge. Even Brer Rabbit would not have wanted Brer Fox to throw him into these. We saw a small spiny dragon lizard scuttle into one as we drove along the track at Lowan Conservation park. As the plants become older, the centre dies out and we have seen kangaroos resting in the middle of large clumps of spinifex.

I just checked one of my reference books. It appears that I should be calling this Porcupine Grass, as the coastal plant is Spinifex sericeus.


9 Responses to “Porcupine Grass (Triodia scariosa- formerly irritans)”

  1. Stuart says:

    It’s nice Corrine. I saw quite a few of these when we were up north in the Pilbarra many years ago. Dotted against the red sand they made a very impressive display.

  2. Corinne says:

    It would be a marvellous sight to see these in flower against the red sand.

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  4. mollie larkin says:

    well, hello

    i think the procupine grass is a exeptional plant and i would like to plant some in my garden. it is a very unique piece of grass, the spiny top just leaves me with a fantastic feeling inside. Just knowing that this wonderfull plant exists makes me happy 🙂

    from Mollie

  5. Jacko Wacko says:

    But how do they get there water

  6. Lucy says:

    Came across this page doing some research for uni on Triodia irritans. Just thought I’d let you know that Triodia irritans and Triodia scariosa are actually two different species which are often confused for each other. Recently went on a field trip and they are some cool grasses, love the circle formation some of them form!

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