Propagating Acacias (Wattles)

Acacias are generally propagated from seed. Seed can be bought from native seed merchants and it stores well if you collect your own. I have lost some seed to weavils which disgusted me when I opened the bag of seed to find piles of ‘crumbs’ and some very well fed weavils.

Acacia seed has a very hard seed coat. I found it easier to use nail clippers to nick the side of the seed. This needs some dexterity to hold the seed between the fingers of one hand in such a position that the nippers of the nail clippers can actually get at the side of the seed!
However I have had 100% germination from seed that was actually large enough to do this.

Smaller seed I find easiest to abraid gently between two pieces of sand paper. Place one piece of sand paper on a board, the seed on that and use the other piece of sand paper, rough side against the seeds and twist the sand paper back and forth 3 0r 4 times. The seed casing can be seen to be thinner. I have found that too much pressure wrecks the seed like a grinding stone.

Seed is sown and covered to about the depth of the seed. I also use a thin layer of small washed gravel on top of this to prevent the seed from being washed out and to act as a mulch. Seed is best sown in autumn or spring. I had good germination in June this year but was actually saved by the fact that we had no rain.

Some Acacias can be propagated from cuttings. Firm new seasons growth is used.


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