Rescuing More Plants

Poor little grass tree from the previous post. I realised that it has been mown every spring for the last five years. It hasn’t had a chance. Now that I have rediscovered it, I am determined to give it some TLC to see if it will achieve some size.

There is one minor problem. It is in the spot where I want to grow some Banksias. I am not sure that Xanthorhoea and Banksias go together. I suppose in the south east, Banksia ornata and Banksia marginata both have Grass Trees in the vicinity.

Today has been a “rescue plants day”. I have some Geraldton Wax (Chamaelaucium ‘Meringur Mist’) which I want to use as a hedge plus windbreak. I think this Geraldton Wax will manage if we have heavy frosts again. It is certainly a drought tolerant species. It originated in a garden at Meringur, south west of Mildura which is a frosty location. I have found that the frost rating given to species is only valid in times of normal rainfall. In a drought year, the frost damage can be quite severe.

There was a frost warning for here tonight. It is quite likely that my tomato and Zucchini plants may suffer.


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