Seeds are Germinating

Some Paper Daisies (Everlasting Daisies) have begun to germinate. These are Rhodanthe chlorocephala, sub species rosea. It is always an exciting event when I see the first green shoots that signal germinating seeds.

I also noticed the first shoots of Anigozanthos humilis (Cat’s Paw), one of the Kangaroo Paw family. I can’t let myself get excited yet. Germinating is one thing. Getting them to grow on is another matter. That is when you will hear the cheering.

A friend’s mum had a wonderful yellow form of Anigozanthos flavidus from which I collected seed. That is always a reliable plant to propagate, and quite hardy in this area. The flower stalks are often over two metres tall. They look good planted in groups. They should be showing in the seed pots soon.

My great desire at the moment is to be able to germinate Anigozanthos rufus (Red Kangaroo Paw). I fell in love with this plant when I saw it growing on the side of the road near Esperence in Western Australia.

These are plants that are popular at the Australian Plants Society Plant Sale in Adelaide. The next sale is this Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th April 2006. There is another sale at Geranium the following Sunday, 7th May.


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