Variegated Native Plants and Frost

I am beginning to think that variegated plants are not as frost tolerant as their plain leaved relatives. The variegated form of Pandorea jasminoides looks a little the worse for wear at the moment. The upper leaves look ‘soggy’ compared to the older leaves and the plain Pandorea in the pot next to it has not been touched by frost.

A similar thing has happened to Correa ‘Dusky Bells’ variegated form. The plain form is as tough as old boot leather. The other consideration is that the potted plants are in more active growth than those in the ground and are producing new growth more often.

I hope it is just the new growth that is the problem, otherwise I am in trouble with the rule I set for myself. Plants I grow have to be frost hardy and relatively drought hardy, unless I choose to deliberately break this last rule, knowing that extra water will be required. The first rule is not negotiable.

I may have a management problem to overcome in the future as these plants are grown in the open.


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