Banksia ashbyi (Ashby’s Banksia)

I walked around the grounds of the campsite mentioned in the previous post, taking photos of plants in flower. A few years ago a small sheltered horseshoe shaped area of retreat was created with a large rockery forming the boundary. I found Banksia ashbyi flowering and looking surprisingly good, although I know this as one of the hardier Banksias.

Banksia ashbyi (Ashby's Banksia)

Banksia ashbyi (Ashby's Banksia)

This is a medium to tall shrub, 2-6m high and 2-4m wide. Leaves are 15-50cm long, with a deep saw toothed edge. The flower heads are bright orange. It needs very well drained soil in a warm climate. It is drought tolerant and frost hardy once established. This Banksia is one of those grown for the cut flower trade.


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