Banksias In A Stump

Flower Arrangement with Banksias

Flower Arrangement with Banksias

Banksias are such dramatic flowers. There are two different species in this arrangement, plus the seed cone of another species. A typical piece of Australiana is the old gnarled piece of mallee stump.

When we used to get to the city for shopping, when living in the north of the state it was always a treat to see the flower stalls in Rundle mall, the main shopping precinct in the CBD. There were always buckets of Banksia flowers. I would buy a few of each to take home and place in water to enjoy the real colours. When the water evaporated the flowers would dry and keep for months. I often used the leaves with their different serrations as shapes for stencilling.

I enjoy the skill and creativity of the people who did these floral arrangements in Sogersu School of Ikebana.


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