Flower Arranging With Banksias

Banksias  and Woolly Bush

Banksias and Woolly Bush

This is another of the flower arrangements in a form of Ikebana. The featured flowers are Banksia spinulosa and Woolly Bush (Adenanthos sericeus). Also featured are gnarled pieces of one of the She-Oak family (Allocasuarina). The old seed cones have been retained and some yellow lichen has been left on the stems, also.

Woolly Bush is a wonderful plant. It has a green and grey appearance as the camera flash has picked up in the photo. It is one of those plants that one has to touch because of the soft woolly feel of the foliage. This plant grows well here with good drainage and in the alkaline soil, too. It has small, red jug-shaped flowers that are also attractive but the foliage is the feature.

I really like the way these flower arrangements show off Australian native Plants.


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