Calocephalus lacteus (Milky Beauty-heads)

Calocephalus lacteus (Milky Beauty-heads)

Calocephalus lacteus (Milky Beauty-heads)

Calocephalus lacteus is a small spreading plant with small, globular, whitish flower heads in late spring and summer. The photo was taken in early January in Canberra Botanic Gardens.

The plant suckers, growing 10-30 cm tall by 1-1.5 metres wide. It is hardy in most situations, prefers moist soil but withstands periods of dryness. It grows in full sun to part shade in sand loam or clay that is well drained. It would need some water during the summer in low rainfall areas.


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  1. Angela says:

    I will enjoy reading your blog and finding out new things.
    I am afraid I have let my garden go in this heat and even the natives are suffering.Trevor mentioned you are studying TESOL.I did my grad cert in Tesol in 2007 at Uni SA(Mawson Lakes) and loved it.You would have opportuniites where you live with the refugees to teach English.Is this your plan?I am in the Barossa so work in this area is limited unless I travel further down towards the city.Have a great day and try and stay cool with the heat.

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