Xanthorrhoea glauca ssp angustifolia (Grass Tree)

Xanthorrhoea glauca ssp. angustifolia

Xanthorrhoea glauca ssp. angustifolia

I found this plant in Canberra Botanic gardens in the bush garden with other grasses and daisies. I assume that it is native to the area around Canberra. I could not find ant direct information about the plant. Most of the time I scrabbled around the base of plants in the garden looking for the aluminium tag attached to the plant to read what the species was. Unfortunately, I forgot to check other plants in the area in case there was further information.

Judging by the type of soil and location, I suggest that this plant needs good drainage. It is obviously frost hardy as it was in an exposed situation. There was a saying amongst the Australian Plant Society members that  if a plant grew in Canberra, it would survive any frost that formed in South Australia.


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