Correa ‘Candy Pink’ syn. Correa ‘Pink Pixie’

I thought I would gradually add photos of the plants that I have written about in previous blog entries.

Correa 'Candy Pink' syn 'Pink Pixie'

Correa 'Candy Pink' syn 'Pink Pixie'

One of many favourite plants is Correa ‘Pink Pixie’. Can I use that expression ‘many favourite’? Anyway, this is a delightful flowering plant with the flower tube split and looking like a little flared skirt as I would imagine a pixie would wear. Hence the name. Unfortunately for that Correa, its correct name is Correa ‘Candy Pink’ and it may also be the plant that is called Correa ‘Mallee Pink’. It appears that the first name by which it was called ie C ‘Candy Pink’ is the one it should be known by. Pity really. ‘Pink Pixie’ suits the shape of the flower and ‘Candy Pink’ suits the colour of the flower.


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