Eucalyptus calycogona White (Square fruited Mallee)

This is the white form of Eucalyptus calycogona which is the subspecies ‘Eastern’. This is most likely to be found in the mallee district East of Adelaide across to the Victorian border. The photo is of a plant which is a street tree. It began flowering a few weeks ago and still has masses of buds still to open. The bees were very busy in clusters of flowers when I took this photo.

Eucalyptus calycogona (Square- friuted Mallee) White

Eucalyptus calycogona (Square- friuted Mallee) White

This is a mallee 2 to 6 metres tall. It seems to be a more vigorous plant than the subspecies calycogona pictured in the previous post. It is certainly taller and seems to have denser foliage. Both subspecies are frost hardy.

I think this must be the species that my friend would bring me each winter from the farm, not the subspecies from the previous post.

This information is from Dean Nicolle’s book ‘Eucalyptus of South Australia’. He has a collection of Eucalypts in an arboretum south east of Adelaide towards Victor Harbor.


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