Correa reflexa (Sellick’s Beach)

Correa reflexa 'Sellick's Beach'

Correa reflexa 'Sellick's Beach'

Correa reflexa is a variable species and appears in many different colour forms and leaf shapes size of plant. The many different forms of Correa are generally referred to by the area or district from which they were collected. These plants give me much pleasure. Some have a fruity frgrance to the leaves. Most are very hardy plants. Birds particularly like them as the tubes contain nectar.

The plant in the photo has been growing in part dappled shade at the base of some mallee trees for years. It grows to about 1-2 metres across and 30cm tall here. Better conditions may produce a larger plant. It makes a useful ground covering plant with its low mounded form.

As indicated by the name it is a form that is useful for coastal planting because of its salt tolerance. It is drought resistant and also appears to be moderately frost tolerant.


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  1. […] Most of these varieties are known by their original geographical location if they have some distinctive feature. Like Correa reflexa ‘Sellicks Beach’ mentioned here. This immediately indicates that it would be a good plant for coastal planting. […]

  2. cherree says:

    re Sellick’s Beach photo- this looks like the one released as Mallee Bells a couple of years ago- the leaves, flowers and low growing form look identical. Arent they just fantastic plants?

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