Growing Correas In Dry Areas

ABC TV featured tonight amongst other things, a Correa glabra from Victoria which had green flowers. A number of Correas have green flowers, including some forms of Correa reflexa and Correa calycina. One form of Correa glabra with green flowers from the Grampians area of Victoria, has grown very well here with afternoon shade and our low rainfall.

We had temperatures up to 44C today. Growing the Correas where they get part of the day in dappled shade seems to save them from drying out too much. In pots they become very hot and I need to find a way of protecting the pots. Of course the best way is to get the plants in the ground where some extra mulch would keep the root systems cooler.

I found years ago with my first planting of Correas that they grew very well in the dappled shade of the mallee trees despite the root competition from the trees. And despite the water repelling nature of the mallee soils. With each plant on a dripper, a micro climate seemed to develop.


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  1. Snail says:

    Trevor pointed me in your direction. I’m glad he did! I’ve bookmarked the blog and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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