New Seed Packets

The Kurrajong seed arrived today. I have no idea what to do with it so will consult Murray Ralph’s book on propagating Native plants from seed. This has been a most useful book to have. I suspect that it is too cold now to put any seed in. We had a frost last night that burnt my two new native hibiscus plants. If they survive this winter hopefully they will be more frost hardy as the plants put on height.

The rest of the seeds from Eyre Native Seeds on Eyre Peninsula , South Australia, I am looking forward to dealing with. There is a native pine (Callitris canescens) that has a prostrate habit and grows on the coastal cliffs. There is also Melaleuca decussata, normally a fairly tall shrub here in the mallee but this one is also a prostrate plant from the coastal cliffs. It will be interesting to see how these both survive the frost here. I believe they are frost hardy despite being coastal plants but it remains to be seen in actual practice.

Another packet of grass seed arrived from a member of the Native Grasses Resource Group. This is Aristida behrianna and that can be sown now. Something is scattering the grass seeds in their pots. I suspect it is mice, although I was blaming sparrows. The damage is done early in the morning.


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