Propagating Kurrajong (Brachychiton diversifolius)

Murray Ralph had the information on propagating Kurrajong from seed. He says average temperature of 25C so I have missed the boat, temperature wise. (I would say that average maximum temperature at the moment is about 16C.) So September/ October it will need to be. I thought I might try a few seeds in the hot house to see how much difference that makes. At least they won’t be soggy there if it should rain.

It appears that the seed needs to have hot water poured over it and be left to soak over night. The seed germinates in 3-6 weeks with best results at 25C. Only 40-60% of the seed germinates. Seed is viable for several years, with best results achieved with fresh seed. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Murray Ralph’s book is ‘Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed’ published by Murray Ralph/Bushland Horticulture.


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