Woolly Bush

We had 36mm altogether (144 points). That is a rather useful amount of rainfall and everything is looking great. It doesn’t take long for native plants to respond to this amount of rain getting to the root system.

This morning I collected cutting material from a friend’s garden. She has been on my back about it because two Correas had taken over. The Grevillea thelemanniana (Spider flower) was clambering through the nearest Correa. It is supposed to be a ground cover plant. The Adenanthos sericeus (Woolly Bush) was taking over the path to the chook shed.

I particularly like the Adenanthos. I see people at the Plant Sale doing what I do, that is stroking the foliage because of its woolly feel. It has insignificant flowers, the foliage is the feature of this bush. It grows to about 3-4m here and 2-3m wide if you let it. Tip pruning gives the bush a great shape. It is not the easiest plant to strike as the foliage doesn’t like to be too wet. It has a habit of rotting at the level of the mix. They don’t seem to mind a dry location like this one is growing in and I have also seen them in the middle of the lawn at a local school. What the landscapers would call an architechtural plant.

Have zillions of cuttings to deal with now when I have finished my cuppa. Having a cup of tea and container of plant rooting hormone on the same table can be hazardous to one’s health.


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  1. jlferns says:


    I am living in Singapore, and my husband has just gotten me a Woolly-Bush from Australia. It is superb huggable and lovely to touch. May I ask if you have any tips for propagating the Woolly-Bush? I would love to grow a few more around the house. Thanks.


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