Work, Work and More Work

We had about an inch (25mm) of rain overnight and more today. That’s a thirteenth of the year’s average. Having it fall in such a short period of time is wonderful as it soaks down deep. With mild weather this week I’m torn between potting on cuttings and seedlings, putting in more cuttings and seed and getting out with the mattock and digging holes for plants while the soil is soft and there is moisture to kick them along. I hate having to choose when all are so important in the life of the nursery.

I have taken the opportunity today to be inside putting in more cuttings. The packets of seed have their hands up too! So we just plod along getting as much done as possible and hopefully getting to the end of the main activity soon.

Then I might get on with the rest of the gardening, pruning, maintenance, repairs to the nursery, setting up new growing on areas, getting rid of weeds, making some paths, cleaning pots, setting up irrigation, finish tiling inside, make new curtains, painting inside and out, and with a bit of luck sewing and craft!!

I don’t want much.


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